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Printing Errors

Dear Suits Me Customer,

  • Issue 12B:

    Page No. 78, SMKU032 has been mistakenly printed as SMKU042.

  • Issue 14:

    Page No. 4, SML0462 there is a mix-up in the color names and Gray is written as Beige and vice versa.

    Page No. 85, SMCO011 is an item code for two different products; (Mascara and Lip Gloss)

  • Issue 16:

    Page No. 10, SML0386 has been mistakenly printed as SML0372.

  • Issue 17:

    Page No. 23, SMSA0225 price has been mistakenly printed as £10.00 is orignal price is £5.00.

    Page No. 38, SMSH100 has been mistakenly printed as SMSH0100.

    Page No. 48, SMK0175 price has been mistakenly printed as £12.00 is orignal price is £10.00.

  • Issue 23:

    Page No. 44, SMSA0311 has been mistakenly printed wrong colour of the 2nd image Beige & Dusty Pink, but on Website its perfect with real colour.

  • Issue 26:

    Page No. 26, SML0807 wrong picture has been printed but description and price are correct. Website and virtual catalogue are updated with the correct picture of SML0807.

    Page No. 14, The price of SML0811 is printed £21.00 but actual price is £31.00.

  • Issue 31:

    Page No. 13, SML1007 Black & Aqua mistakenly printed as Purple & Dusty mobe and vice versa same with Fuchsia and Turquoise in SMSH0158 on Page No. 72

    Page No. 32, SML1015 Wine color has wrong image same with SMSA0412 in Crimson and green on Page no. 45

  • We really do apologize for the inconvenience.

    For further assistance call us on 0845 867 6767 or email on


  • Regards,

    Suits Me

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